Martin Luther Uchiha
"I dreamed a dreaaaammm"







Martin Luther Uchiha is one of only 5 survivors of the Uchiha clan's side branch massacre along with his 4 other brothers, Madara, Jones , Black Dynamite and Enrico. Martin is the third youngest brother. Martin never awakened a Stand ability.

Early Life

Martin was mostly neglected, neither loved nor hated, by his parents. He'd often wonder into Main Branch lands and be horribly abused by the white privileged main branch members.

Civil Rights Activism

Martin grew into a handsome and smart young man, however his past left deep scars in his soul. As he grew he became more involved with civil rights protests for the Side Branch. Eventually he became an iconic lead member of these protests. His eventual goal was to achieve the Moon Special Eye plan and plunge the world into the Infinite Dreameroni.


The Main Branch had him executed for meddling with their oppression of the side branch

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