Melvin is the 3rd son of Satan and was sent to Earth then later Frightside to conquer them for Hells empire. Roblox


Once Melvin or (メルビン) arrived on earth he took the form of a human however he later made the biggest mistake of his life, he ate human food turning him human. Melvin outraged waiting to be a demon again tried everything until one day how succeeded by drinking human blood this temporarily turns him back to "Demon Form". Melvin the started to collect human blood and had barrels apon barrels of blood. After 2 weeks he killed everyone on the South American content and headed to North America and got all the way to Mexico before being stopped by Satan who stated "Earth is too weak we need to concor Freightside, After that victory is ares. Satan then teleported him to Frightside and began his spree however 2 hour later he was sealed away in the "Melvin Amulet" Which gave mortals the power of Melvin.



Demon Form Melvin

  • (Human) Can lift up to 6 tons
  • (Human) Can teleport immediately to Hell unless sealed
  • (Human) Drinking blood turn him back into a demon
  • (Demon) Can mind control anybody he sees
  • (Demon) Can raise a dead army
  • (Demon) Can kill gods


  • Melvin likes hard rock music
  • Melvin is a virgin
  • Melvin is a cuck
  • Melvin has a 4.0 GPA
  • Had the Kill-Book for 1 Year & 3 Days before accidentally destroying it.

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