Meme Face Wazz

Meme Face is the number one serial killer bounty hunter of Fright Side. He spends most of his time hunting down bullies and self-proclaimed bad guys. That being said he has a mixed relationship with Neo Scary Godmother. He teamed up with Denly and Alberto to capture the 4chan Serial Killer in the novelized version of Scary Godmother: Return of Jimmy Brando but has made numerous attempts to trap OTFree in laundry baskets. He is often seen at the Fright Side soup kitchen as community service for being caught trespassing all the time.

Seal Team 6 Controversy

Osama Down

Meme Face has claimed to have been the one who first spotted Osama bin Laden but believes the U.S. Government 'cucked him out his biggest tug-boat chance to date.' Although he's almost certain to bring this up even when confronting other criminals he's notorious for still breaking into mosques in attempts to kidnap bin Laden despite him already being sealed away in the Ghost Zone. Meme Face made a habit of throwing eggs at the Seal Team 6 helicopter ever since they stole his supposed prize and is currently undergoing an investigation for the helicopter's suspicious crash. When asked to appear on DramaAlert Meme Face responded by saying, "I don't throw eggs! Fuck off with that Humpty-Dumpty shit," and then threw an egg at Keemstar's face.

Memeface without mask questionmark

Meme Face without iconic outfit

List of Serial Killers Caught

  • None; but he's trying real hard!


  • He has stated that the Meme Face twitter account isn't his despite being verified.
  • It's widely believed he's the one leaving scraps of food out for NukemDukem.
  • He doesn't understand sarcasm.
First Retard

Rare shot of Meme Face getting his stupid, favorite flavor

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