Low Quality Snapshot Of The Prison

Meme Prison is where ever bad, stale, or unfunny meme goes after going through the meme lifespan of a meme, the average lifespan of a meme is 1-3 months


The Meme Prison was made in 2005 to prevent meme over population and was made near the border of Frightside and The USA to catch any escaping memes. The Prisons can hold up to 186 prisoners at a time and kills all prisoners after a 5 day time limit. The Prison has only had two people escaped Dolan Duk and another unnamed character, to escape one would need to by pass gun fire, barbed wire fences, and would need a key to get out the door.


  • The Prison is worth 1.6B USD
  • The Prison has killed over 285 memes including Nyan Cat, Rage Faces\ Comics & Every 2009 meme
  • The Prison has no human guards they use generic robot because robots have no sense of humor, there for no mercy

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