Metal Head (also known as Donkey Kong) is a Japanese school idol known for his hit song, Metal Head, and his collaboration with the French electronic music duo, Daft Punk. Metal Head is a minor character in Scary Godmother IV: Diamond is Unbreakable, and has a few cameos in Scary Godmother V: Vento Aureo. He also appears in the fighting video game, Scary Godmother: Eyes of Heaven as a playable character.


Metal Head was once a very chipper and excited person, and was always glad to preform alongside his co-idols. However, after the Great Robot Massacre of 1990, Metal Head has become a much more jaded person, and is much more cold to others.

The Great Robot Massacre of 1990

Donkey Kong was a chipper gorilla who loved to spend time with his family and fellow gal pals. However, Donkey Kong had one too many bananas one night, which caused the Great Robot Massacre of 1990. He lashed out, killing all of his co-idols, and his closest family members in a murderous rampage. In total, Donkey Kong had killed 639 different people in his rampage, before he was stopped by Dr. Science Mouth.

Donkey Kong's Suicide

After his rampage, Donkey Kong knew that death would be the only way out of his miserable life. He could not live with all of his loved ones gone. He killed himself by sticking a fork into a nearby outlet, but unfortunately, his ghost had inhabited some nearby scrap metal and a toaster, turning him into Metal Head.

After being transformed, Donkey Kong tried killing himself once more, but he had become immortal. After realizing this, he understood that he had to avenge his old idol group, by becoming a world-famous pop star.

Diamond is Unbreakable

In Scary Godmother IV: Diamond is Unbreakable, Metal Head had just released his new hit song, Metal Head. In the song, he sings about his current life to what is presumed to be a ghost of his dead nephew, Diddy Kong.

This song becomes incredibly popular in Japan, landing in the #1 chart for 17 eons. This song helps inspire Katie Kat to take up the fight against Jimmy Brando.

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