Tails "the boy who never fails" Prower is a special little snowflake who likes sucking on sum hot cock. His appearances in Scary Godmother 3: Son of Scary Godmother and Scary Godmother 4: Return of Son of Scary Godmother have made Tails a fan favourite amongst many of the faggots who occupy this hellhole. It is said he was born in the frozen foods section of a Wholefoods market located next to a Sonic restaurant franchise. Later in the series, Tails met up with Beanu Freeves, Clawd Stiff, and Cole D. (followed by Cream the Rabbit, Uni the Star Rabbit, Mini-Tails, and Biggie Cheese) to form a new group that will surpass Scary Godmother's dank team. The Bench Squad.


  • Cream - Tails sees Cream as his "sweet little princess" and loves her. These two had a long history with each other.
  • Uni - Uni is Tails' lover and gets enjoyment out the relationship with Cream and Tails. When Uni is older, he gets enjoyment out the relationship with Tails and Cream by sitting in a chair or closet, watching the two copulate while he is dressed as Superman.
  • Ms. Launny - Ms. Launny and Tails are in good terms. Even when she told him he was too old to play with babies, but she's cool with it. Launny also gave Tails a little "hint" for the next time he watches Uni.
  • Dr. Rabbit - Unlike his wife, Dr. Lepus Rabbit hates Tails and doesn't want Uni to be around him. He called the police on Tails because Uni was smoking the Chaos Weed Tails gave him.
  • Clawd Stiff - Clawd and Tails also get along very well together. In the First Season, Tails forced him to join after watching Clawd mope around near the bench and getting ticked off by Tails. Throughout their journeys, Clawd became used to this kind of friendship as long as Tails don't make fun of his dead parents.
  • Breanu Freeves - Tails is a good friend to Breanu and he respects him.
  • Cole D. - Also a good friend.
  • Scamboli - Tails is one of Mayor Scamboli's biggest enemies along with Cole D.
  • Toad - Tails' biggest rival ever since Scamboli hired Toad and The Juicy Shroomass to take care of Tails and his friend. In Season 2, Toad blames Tails for the shitty comic even though Ken Penders made the comic. In Season 3, Toad and his crew helps Tails out by killing The Gaijin Gamer.....again...
  • Marlene - Tails trusted Marlene as a friend. And respects her as mayor. He built a robot version of her father with an A.I. he built to prevent the robot to be evil to gain her trust.
  • Ken Penders - Tails hates Ken Penders after he made the Bench Squad comic. He killed him with the Cyclone.
  • Biggie Cheese - He's cool with Biggie Cheese.

-- More shit coming soon --


  • Bombs - With the bombs that he hides in his ass-hole, he goes hard on that motherfucking paint y'all.
  • SLOPRANO 」 - Tail's stand, allows him to send his foes into the Shit dimension.
  • Benchmobile - Runs over people with a fucking bench with wheels
  • Cyclone - The Cyclone is a transforming plane created by Tails that can transform not only into a car, it can transform in to a fucking battle walker with GUNS, missiles, lasers and other shooty shit.

    Tails in the Cyclone


  • Tails is one of the first characters that has a spin-off comic called Two Babies One Fox. Another spin-off that is on the works is called Bench Squad, both was highly praised by Scrunkus.
  • Has never seen Sonic's dick.
  • Doesn't consider himself to be a furry.
  • Favourite band is Limp Bizkit.
  • Loves shit
  • Hates Ken Penders
  • Murdered SpaceQuakes
  • Was the Zodiac Killer
  • Although Tails had fought Toad's Juicy Shroomass gang many times, he has never actually touched Neo before?
  • Neo supposedly considers Tails a rival even though, as stated above, has never fought Tails before.

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