Mr. Krabs (full name Eugene H. Krabs) is a main character in Scary Godmother II: Battle Tendency, and a side character in Scary Godmother III: Stardust Crusaders. He is an enemy of Jimmy Brando and attempts to kill him on many occasions, before being killed by Ian in Scary Godmother III: Stardust Crusaders.


Mr. Krabs only enjoys two things in life, earning money, and sucking dick. He is obsessed with these things, and refuses to do anything, unless it involves money or cocks. These can both be attributed back to his childhood, where he had to suck many dicks in order to earn money for his abusive alcoholic father.

Early Life

As a child, Mr. Krabs was often neglected and abused by his parents, to the point where he would have to go through garbage in order to find a proper meal to eat. Because of this, Mr. Krabs swore to get revenge on his parents, and wanted to collect all of the money in the world, so everyone would understand how he felt. However, after killing his parents, he quickly found out that they were being controlled by none other than Jimmy Brando himself. After finding this out, Eugene had sworn the rest of his life to killing Jimmy.

Battle Tendency

With the start of Scary Godmother II: Battle Tendency, Mr. Krabs was immediately set on trying to kill Jimmy Brando. Mr. Krabs first goal was to exploit Jimmy's massive dick in order to kill him. In order to do this, Mr. Krabs used his stand 「ARE YOU READY KIDS」to transform in a sex slave. However, this did not work out for Eugene, as he accidentally gave Jimmy a handjob with his big meaty claws, resulting in a massive orgasm from Jimmy Brando. The amount of semen released from Jimmy Brando fried Mr. Krabs, putting him in a coma for 70 years, until he was awoken in Scary Godmother III: Stardust Crusaders.

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