We finally made a Discord. If you ever wanted to say hi to us or talk well now you can. Here's an invite so you can join us


We're still new at it so don't worry if it looks like shit we're gonna keep making it better as time goes on.


  1. Don't be a cunt. Basically don't be a dick for no reason.
  2. If you're gonna argue take it to a private chat and try not to drag people into it.
  3. Spamming. Don't be that cunt.
  4. Inappropriate Shit. If the conversation is about inappropriate shit then post whatever that is related but if you're gonna post 'a man getting a jar of cum in his ass' for example a punishment will take place.
  5. Swearing. Do as much as you want but don't be a 13 year old who still thinks the word nigger is still funny.
  6. No girls because they're scary. (Traps allowed)

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