Nartolomeo Suma








Nartolomeo, despite being considerably old, has the appearance of a young man due to his tampering with his own genetics. In his young age, he is a relatively attractive man with sharp features and short black hair. He wears glasses and a suit with a lab coat.


Nartolomeo is a mad scientist who wishes to evolve the human species through force. He believes if we the human species do not get strong enough, in only a short few years, demons will overshadow us, eventually making humans the "lesser" species. With his efforts, he managed to organize a group called "House of Evolution"

He creates clones of himself to pass on his memories in order to make progress quicker and "live forever."

He first appears in Episode 13 to attack Scary Godmother's house for revenge. He was fed false information and Scary Godmother was the result of his failed 99th clone, spiking his experiment with turtle DNA. He later found out Jimmy caused it and decided to form an alliance with "HOE".

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