Negan Rotten
“Hi...Sportacus, is it? I'm Negan Rotten, and I do not appreciate you killing my Rottens. Also, when I sent my Rottens to kill you for killing my Rottens, you killed more of my Rottens. Not tubular. Not FUCKING tubular."







Baseball Bat Size

12 Inches



Negan Rotten is the self-proclaimed leader of the Rotten Saviors, and is the father of Dave Rotten.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Negan Rotten plotted revenge on the disease known as cancer when his wife died. Of cancer.

His one and only son Dave Rotten was cast out of his life when he discovered that the death of Steve Shives had been plotted by Clyde, his adoptive son found at the Halloween aisle of a Party City.

Battle with cancer

In an attempt to slay cancer, Negan Rotten purchased a cosplay scythe at the age of 28. He crafted it to look like a shitty baseball bat, and mastered the craft. As a Spooksman, Negan Rotten followed cancer throughout dimensions.

Negan Rotten battled cancer in the Vietnam War. Like, literally. He literally fought cancer. An actual physical form of cancer. He was kind of a fuckhead.

Although the battle was hard-fought, cancer came out ahead, and won the side-bet formed before the battle. As per the rules, Negan Rotten would not be able to murder Sportacus, and cancer was free to take another victim of his choosing (he chose Alan Rickman. See? Fuckhead).

Forming of the Rotten Saviors

After Clyde's betrayal and eventual escape into the Frightside dimension, the universe containing Negan Rotten was infected by a zombie outbreak. The rest of the Walking Dead then goes on as usual, only everything with Negan in it is replaced by Negan Rotten, and Rick Grimes is Sportacus.


Fuck off Clyde