Neo Figual is a sentient male bipedal Cyanodermalpolyangular fungi, aka. neoshroom. Neo was a failed attempt at copying the Vinesauce mascot, the Vineshroom. This failure led to the mutation of becoming more polygonal and having a blue pigment rather than green. After his creation, Neo was adopted by two unknown people who would later on raise him to live in the human world.


Neo is a strange person when it comes to a personality. Neo is able to "switch" around his personlity traits to form new personas. The most common persona that is used is when he is a complainer and whiner. Usually Neo is self-centered and a little selfish. As seen in VineCord, Neo has screamed, disturbed the peace for being rude, harassed people, even once pissed off their Queen. His friends, he hasn't been rude to them at all, almost forming an opposite persona. He is usually hot-tempered regardless of what persona he is using, even the smallest thing of patronizing Neo would set him off. Neo's mental intelligence is similar to a human child at the age of 12.

Neo is usually selfish and self-centered, but there has been times where a more caring, yet more violent, side of him is seen. This is seen when Neo Gutsman gets upset after being impeached by comforting and supporting him.

Neo acts very differently from his peers in various ways. One of which is that he doesn't usually look at who he is speaking to, only face in their direction. This could be a sign of insecurity. Neo also has tantrums when he sees a fan slowing down after being turned off, it is speculated to be a "sensory sensitivity" by Dr. Figual himself. But, Neo is very self-conscience about this. Neo cannot sleep without being planted in dirt, there is not reason why has to sleep like that.


Early Life

His parents lived in Neo Korea, the futuristic nation after the North and South Korea united, that was under the rule of Neo Gutsman. Neo Gutsman had met Neo in the national ceremony of Neo Korea's unification. Ever since then, Gutsman had taken a liking to Neo Figual and formed a bond.

Juicy Shroomass (Toad's Gang)

Toad met Neo when he was visiting Neo Korea with his homies. At this time, Neo was ready to leave with former Korean Leader, Neo Gutsman, in search of a new home. Toad knew about Gutsman's political power and convinced them to join his gang. Neo, being somewhat an introvert, was hesitant of joining. But, he decided to regardless.

After Toad and Scamboli made a deal to kill Miles '''Tails''' Prower, Neo was already fed up with Toad's egostical and rapping nonsense. So, he decided outta nowhere to make Tails his rival. But, Toad's Gang's defeat made him decide to abandom them with Gutsman.

Post-Juicy Shroomass

Neo deicded to roam around to a place called VineCord to settle some pent up rage he had being a failed clone. Neo was sent to Gay Baby Jail for disrupting the peace due to screaming and ranting. Many residents from VineCord has block communications with Neo and has given him the reputation of being a "shitter", most notably the Queen.

Following his release was his introduction to Games Repainted... and all of you know what wonderfulf things happened after that!


  • Neo has actually never attacked nor touched Miles '''Tails''' Prower even though, Neo has declared him a rival countless times.
  • Neo hates Toad mainly for his ego and how he sabotaged Jeffy's rising rapping career.
  • Neo is a part of Team Dipper, a group of friends who play a word game where everyone types one word in an order to create a story.
  • Neo's name Figual is actually the last name of the scientist who directed the Vineshroom Cloning project under the name of: Project Pepperoni.
  • Despite not appearing to have any, Neo does actually have paper-thin rectangle arms that can expand to about twice his own body length.
  • Neo, still to this day, sleeps with his favorite pink baby sock from Dr. Figual.
  • On the finale of Team Dipper, Gutsman tells Neo the truth about their existance.

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