He was the former leader of Neo Korea. He became leader after the Great American-Korean War in April 32, 1990. The war destroyed what was known as North and South Korea, and Gutsman was assigned by Scamboli to rebuild it from the ground up. He cared for the survivors and learned their culture as the rehabilation process continued. Unfortunately, Gutsman was impeached in 2016 went the Neo Korean citizens found "leaked infomation" about his heathcare scandal. The scandal was a success attempt to frame Gutsman by Scamboli himself, but Gutsman would never find out about this evil plan.

Neo Gutsman had met Neo in the national ceremony of Neo Korea's unification. Ever since then, Gutsman had taken a liking to Neo Figual and formed a bond.


Gutsman at the start was a serious and strict leader who would not tolerate anyone who would derespect him. If they did so, Gutsman would severely punish them with torture and cruelty. He was quiet and kept to himself usually when he was not fighting with invading nations. He was, at the time, a ruler with an iron fist.

After ruling Neo Korea for a few years, he had grown softer and more understanding for his people. While he doesn't go out of his way to aid their every small request, he would pay more attention to educational and residential development and issues. Gutmans was a lot more open to the citizens about himself and his ideas, which brought mixed results.

Ever since Gutsman and Neo started to bond, Gutsman gave himself the role of a gardian for Neo. He is very protective about his safety and would scold him for reckness behavior. He's always on high alert for any danger that approaches them. Usually Gutsman doesn't like to solve fights with violence at first, he would try to sort the matter out with negotiations. But causing him to get angered would lead to unleashing unnecessary force against his foes, who were usually humans at the time, and sometimes even kill them. Of course, Gutsman tries to restrain his strength in this situations.

Juicy Shroomass (Toad's Gang) 

Toad met Neo Gutsman when he was visiting Neo Korea with his homies. At this time, Neo Gutsman was ready to leave Neo Korea with Neo in search of a new home. Toad knew about Gutsman's political power and convinced them to join the Juicy Shroomass. At the beginnings of his recruitment, Gutsman was not used to being bossed around the way Toad did it. So, there were many times where Toad and Gutsman would have a dick punching challenge, techically Gutsman would always win but, toad would use dirty tricks to short him out. They were later assigned by Scamboli to defeat the Bench Squad.

Post-Juicy Shroomass

After the Bench Squad defeated them, Gutsman and Neo abandoned the gang. He later parted ways with Neo and Gutsman decided to travel to North America to meet up with Scamboli. But, Scamboli told him that the battle between them and Tails was not over yet and that he needed to stay with him and fight. Of course, Neo Gutsman had aready fought Tails before and didn't want to fight again. Sadly, Scamboli threatened that he would kill Neo if he refused. Neo Gutsman fought Tails until the bitter end, and Neo Gutsman was destroyed, leaving Tails regretful learning what Gutsman was fighting for.


Neo Gutsman was rebuilt in the first season of Team Dipper where he was reunited with Neo. They soon became the iconic dynamic duo of the show.


Buttsman Fist - Gutsman's arm is equiped with sonic boosters to increase the speed of his punch for a good amount of pain.

Extreme Strength - Due to being a robot, Gutsman possess an insane amount of strength where he can lift a train cart with two hands.

Reflection - After reading a pretty good book, Gutsman pauses to ponder on its deeper meaning and what the author's true intentions and passion was for that story... oh did you think we could reflect attacks or something? HA! But, really you should read this book called-

Stand User - Yes... before you lose your mind, he does have a JoJo stand that is able to change gravity so that Gutsman can move on walls or the cieling. We don't know the name because he doesn't know how to summon the stand. We don't think he will ever know sadly.


  • Gutsman also met Beanu on the same ceremony as Neo, except Gutsman didn't like Beanu's moopy attitude.
  • He loves to read books during his leisure time.
  • Neo Gutsman is a revised version of the original Gutsman from the MegaMan games, yet he has never actually seen Dr. Wily before.
  • The first time Toad punched Gutsman's dick, Gutsman threw him across the park and made him hit a truck. Ever since then, Toad had never forgotten the humiliation.
  • On the finale of Team Dipper, Gutsman tells Neo the truth about their existence.

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