Character design for dan 10 by newsuperdannyzx
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 18
Likes Deathbattle memes, MLP and Ben 10
Dislikes Certain yellow haired "aliens"
Voice Actors
US: Unknown

Newsuperdannyzx is a recurring character in DeviantArt. His role in the series varies depending on the storyline of the episode he's featured in. He can either be an antagonist (primary or secondary), supporting protagonist, anti-hero, or neutral. He serves as the main protagonist of the episode "The Color Danny". He is a Saiyan who firmly doesn't like Saiyans-- the world's biggest "Weeb". He was originally human, but due to a disease, he turned into a Saiyan. An overweight, horrid,detestable homely man with one oversized glass-eye, he enjoys disassociating himself from other Saiyan's as much as possible, and is outspoken in his support of what Farley calls the "Scary god supremacist power structure." He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams. Newsuperdannyzx is an obscurity in the Neo Scary Godmother community. He specializes in coming up with detailed and well thought out death battle match-ups and posts them to his DeviantArt page.

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