Nico "Nico" Yazawa


Nico Nico old enough


Nico Nico Girl

Nico Yazawa is a character on my phone game I play sometimes but had to uninstall because my phone ran out of space.


After Grumpy Guts got lost on his way to Disney Wolrd, he was forced to ask for directions. He stopped at a gas station but Casca tried to run off. Thankfully, Nico was there to offer to baby sit her. While Guts was busy getting directions, Nico taught Casca how to download Iphone games. But they had to ask Guts first, just in case they used too much data. Guts approved and they got One Piece Treasure Cruise because he heard Buggy was in the game.

To thank Nico, Guts offered to take her to Disney World. So they did.

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