"No Rest for the Spooky Shoobies!" was originally an un-aired Halloween special that was supposed to debut on Nicktoons, on October 31st, 2014. It would have been a Rocket Power reboot, but for unknown reasons, the episode was canned early on. Most Jimmies and Shoobies speculate that it didn't come to fruition because Scary Godmother "...wouldn't fit in with the setting of Rocket Power". This information was made available thanks to contributions to the Rocket Power wiki, particularly thanks to Nolan Jetstream.


According to an early leaked draft, the 22-minute crossover would have focused on Hannah and Nolan's conjoined effort to remove all of Fright Side's Shoobies. From what we can gather, the special would start off with Nolan blogging about his love of Jill Thompson (as usual).

Before logging out of his Tumblr, he would then notice a message on his Facebook; sent from one "Hannah Marie". Nolan, being the warrior of justice that he is, would then reply to Hannah's S.O.S., and would set off for Frightside on his gnarly, hotwheels skateboard.

It is largely unknown where the story would go from here however, due to lack of sufficient information available.

The Script Was found

OTFree and TommyDickles were walking through the street and found the script. Tommy uploaded it to DeviantART.

Yeah. Cool. Link bellow:

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