Nolan Jetstream
"...Shut the fuck up, Pan."
Rocket Power Latino




King of the Anti-Shoobies / Closet Scary Godmother fan




Cocoon-Cocoon fruit and SICK KICK FLIPS YO


"Please stop adding categories to my page."

Nolan Jetstream is a shoobie and the most forgotten character in all of ''Scary Godmother''. He first debuted on RebelTaxi99's YouTube series, ''The Pizza Party Podcast'', before appearing in a ''Rocket Power/Scary Godmother crossover episode titled, No Rest for the Spooky Shoobies! He's almost immediately killed off in most Scary God-media.


After telling the entirety of Neo Scary Godmother to kill themselves, he still wonders why we won't let the joke go. He will literally fuck anything. There seems to be a common misconception when it comes to making art for Nolan. Thanks to the Super Troll known as Rebel Taxi, no one knows that Nolan originally had green goggles thanks to the Pizza Party Podcast art.

He is the only character to canonically die and come back with no explanation.

Total Scary God-Island

He came in 16th place. He unfortunately got cucked out of the competition and into it. Pan forced him to join for free promotion. He got booted off after Captain Buggy bashed Nolan's head in with a rock. He was last seen being Grabbed By The Gullies.

Nolan's Big Adventure Time

In an Upcoming Fanficion, Nolan messes around with Dimension hopping and ends up finding many different versions of himself. Along the way, he stumbles across Evil Nolan. He teams up with the other Nolan's to defeat Evil Nolan.

Project M Appearance

Apparently, Bernie Mac put him in Project M. COOOOOOOOOOOL! Nolan Jetstream Project M