"Until I've sucked every man's dick from Kiev to Carolina no price will be too low."



NukemDukemn, born Miso Ho Ming, is a Youtube and Twatch streamer and is the self-proclaimed Khan of Cummies. He is believed to be of Vietnamese descent and approximately 20 years old in human years. He performs unspeakable sex acts for those who donate any amount of money to his online endeavors and takes no shame in doing so. On any given day he can be found streaming and will act totally over the top in regards of cheesy schmoozing when you flick a penny towards his dirty, cum stained peasant feet. He has been employed by Meme Face as a means of "just transportation and that's it" and has feuded with Alecks over cummies intake. He's also really incompetent when it comes to actually playing games since they're just a front for his sexual deviance. To date it is unknown why he is attempting amass such a fearsome fortune.