"My love for this Country is like a truck. Big, obnoxious, and dangerous to school children."


Ocean Spray (O-SEA-N SPUR-AYE) Wearing a red jacket with coat tails like a school shooter, Ocean Spray also has four gold items, or at least copper painted gold, around his wrists and legs. Most notable is his hair, with one curve upwards and one down, perfectly presenting his opinion on the communist party.


He likes Startle Side a lot.

And like most, he hates Jimo Brando, a lot.

Tends to panic in small situations.

Plastic Spider Run Ch. 1

Shown in the Train Station with Jimo Brando plotting the assassination of Chex Maniac, with special guest star Farley Sweepstakes.

Plastic Spider Run Ch. 2

Seen with Farley Sweepstakes molesting him in the Train Station, then later behind a rabbit rock, stalking Hannah and Chex Maniac with the soon to be departing Farley Sweep Stakes. And finally an encounter with Jimo Brando.

Plastic Spider Run Ch. 3

After finally catching up with Chex and Hannah Unomeshi, he begins to interrogate them, but after trying some funny buisness Ocean Spray uses his nen ability 『ROUND ABOUT』to rip off Chexs arm, but is defeated shortly after by Chexs feet.

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