Oishi Kawaii is the protagonist of the series Oishi Highschool Battle which only has 20 episodes. Anything past the 20 episodes is non-canon and trash.


Hahah xDD Shut Up Cartoons! Smosh became money hungry jews and forced a group of Taiwanese kids to draw cartoons for them thus creating Shut Up Cartoons! Oishi was one of these cartoons along with her dog named Noodles by her side together in Highschool.


Holy Heck she really is cute


none fuck you


Dad - She has one

Noodles - Her dumb dog

Boyfriend - She has a lot (WHAT A SLUT)

Mom - Who ?

Bobby Johnson - He likes his locker


  • Ignoring how cringy it is the humor is good sometimes.
  • Holy Heck she's kinda cute.
  • Her dad is actually OTFree (Timeskip).
  • Teehee.
  • Season one is better than season two.
  • Did we mention Blood on the Dance Floor did the fucking theme song.
  • Why the fuck did we binge watch all of this.

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