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OTFree escapes to the front lawn with the alarmed Tommy Dickles and his confronted and fired at by Stu Pickles. DeeDee, Stu's wife, briefly attempts to stop Stu from firing at their supposed son Tommy but Stu informs her that the kidnapped baby is actually their nephew Tommy Dickles. DeeDee agrees that both OTFree and Tommy Dickles should die and orders them to be killed and attacks with a katana. OTFree shouts out "COLLAR" and incinerates DeeDee's upper half with an orange laser beam. Stu attempts to charge up his spirit energy but is shredded to pieces by OTFree's spirit gun.

Tommy picks up DeeDee's katana and remarks how tense his situation has become. A man in a trench coat leads a pack of deformed children in front Tommy and OTFree and, in broken English, accuses Tommy of being responsible for his earlier woes. Unable to convince the man that he was framed, Tommy admits he's guilty to the man who then identifies himself as AYYGEEPEEStan. AYYGEEPEEStan comments that he intends to fight another day and vanishes through a cloud of his own farts.

OTFree then takes Tommy to his home with the intent of meeting 'their goddess' Jill Thompson. Inside OTFree's run down home the two spends the next two hours watching the Scary Godmother Halloween specials. After watching the movies, Tommy claims that he feels 'reborn' and OTFree proposes they begin a cult. Tommy suggests the name of the group be called 'Neo Scary Godmother', a name OTFree happily agrees with. Meanwhile, at the local Best Buy, a vagrant named moot perishes out front and a blue haired employee named Farley discovers the Scary Godmother DVDs at work and takes them home.

Character Deaths

Stu Pickles

DeeDee Pickles


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