Pan Pissa


20 something.





Black Sabbath

He's is a cartoon critic that faps to goth girls, whom is madly in love with Scary Godmother. Although, he

won't admit it....

He has a Youtube channel called rebel taxi.

he also as a podcast with Jim, Nolan, Ken, Jim and not Pendleton Ward.

Scary Godmother Love Controversy

Pan x scary godmother by tommydickles-d8jb13y

It all started on the POS Podcast Episode 9 by PaleoSteno. During the Stream, Tommy, Farley and OTFree asked legitimately intelligent Scary Godmother questions. Pan noticed this during the entire stream, which made him nervous, leading him to believe that they found out the truth. So to ensure no one would suspect him of being a Scary Godbro, he shouted "Who the fuck keeps mentioning Scary Godmother?" around the 55:32 mark in Paleo's Youtube version of the podcast and began talking trash about it along with Ken and Paleo.

The next day, Tommy and OTFree decided to help Pan come out of the Scary Godcloset by giving him encouraging fan art and messages. Unfortunately, he has yet to acknowledge their work for some unknown reason.

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