Pathetic Dog
Pathetic dog




Gabe The Dog (Deceased)

Power Level:

Unfathomably Smalll


Straight (After Mike Pence rid him of his Homosexuality)

A horrible failure.

Related to Gabe The Dog(Last Surviving Member of the Bloodline).


Horrific Memories that led to his cowardly suicide.

Katia dance

P Dog's wife. This is a treasured viddoc received by Pathetic Dog, sent before she was killed in a freak drone strike accident near the end of the war.


Coming from a family of Veterans, Pathetic Dog always faced incredibly high expectations for his performance in all walks of life. Members of his prestigious bloodline are trained from birth to be cold blooded killers. His brother, Gabe the Dog shared pathetic dogs aversion to combat and managed to become a successful singer capable of covering any song in existence. Unlike Gabe, Pathetic had no talents and ended up going to war like the rest of his family.

The only event of any import in his life was his purification at the hands of Mike Pence. He went on to marry a beautiful feline due to his newfound heterosexuality.

Legendary Bloodline

The only thing you need to know is that it has produced some of the most notable being in existence. It has declined into a hollow husk of what it once was. Pathetic Dog did nothing to improve the state of the bloodline. His wife had the potential to revitalize the bloodline, but died in the Neo-Vietnam War.


He was plagued by PTSD for the remainder of his life after the war, even though he never saw any actual combat. He later committed suicide after getting tired of his hallucinations and his longing for his wife.

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