Patrick "Apparently the Ramen Salesmen From Naruto" Seitz is the greatest voice actor for deep-voiced, edgy characters, of all time. Someone should suck his fucking dick. He's also one of Jimmy Brando's sworn enemies. He is an antagonist, however; he still has not played Guts. Ever.

Patrick "Please Play Guts" Seitz
PatrickSeitz Real1


Ageless Demon



Powers and Abilities

Hot Voice: Patrick "Ira Gamago-fuck-yourself" Seitz can project his voice, molding it into a gruff and intimidating tone, scaring the shit out of anyone who comes near. He was once capable of scaring Jimmy Brando to the point of him wetting his dumb pants.

Portrayal Powers: By concentrating really hard, Patrick "GET OVER HERE!" Seitz can summon the powers/weapons of whomever is he portraying (ie Scorpion's Kunai). He'll look pretty fucking badass, too.

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