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Pepe is the kind of frog you just want to sit down and have a beer with. The bro has some mood swing issues though. He's either down in the dumps or smug as shit; but his company is always a pleasure.

Pepe is a class B meme and best friends with Feels.

Pepe makes a brief cameo in episode 4 when Cory calls the wrong number.

He is rumored to still be alive after his supposed death in Episode 37 after Wojak finds a hidden note left by Pepe.

Was originally a Warlord, but betrayed Jimmy after he teamed up with Hannah and Wojak to defeat Robo Goofy.


Wears a simple light blue shirt and blue jeans.


Extremely Lazy. Normally seen with his smug look and attitude. He is short tempered. When he's not messing with Feels Guy (Wojak), he's enjoying a nice beer or a session of Video games with him.

Dragon up
Touhou meme frog by activaterobotmode-d83fdq9

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