Peter Adrian "Friskyrox" Locke
Farty by farleysweet-d8j004f







Peter "Friskyrox" Locke is the inspiration fro Neo Scary Godmother itself. He drives a garbage truck for a living and writes fanfics on his free time.


After Farley and Tommy explored the world of, they stumbled upon this interesting "writer." They enjoyed his "literature" so much, they decided to make their own.

One fine day when a woof and a pur. he unleashed his rage on innocent Gadget-cat His reasoning for this tard fit, was because Gadget- Cat refused to give him his "free art". So everyday for an entire month, he logged onto Facebook and asked her for the art.

"Hey where's my drawing? :)"

Wait a minute, that was not Peter. For Peter Has no social life. He has a Devianart account, not a Facebook. and spammed on all her artwork one single line.


He made several Journals "Calling her out" for not getting his free art of Tucker Foley as Doflamingo from One Piece. One day, our gang caught Peter attempting to harass the one and only Gadget-Cat. Tommy and Farley swooped in to stop this man. But they all ended up blocking him after they found out he was a huge dick head.

He fell down some steps or something idk.

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