Peter Griffin
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Peter casually walking by JIMMY.


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  • Lois Griffin (Whore Wife)
  • Chris Griffin (Retarded Older Son)
  • Meg Griffin (Fat Ugly Daughter)
  • Stewie Griffin (Homosexual Infant Son)
  • Brian Griffin (Pet Dog)
Peter Griffin Says Normie

Peter Griffin Says Normie

We call you... Normies

Peter J. Griffin is the one of few the remaining Hamon users alive [citation needed]. He first appeared in the first and only cutaway gag where JIMMY remembers the tyme he walked by Peter Griffin.

Peter later on appeared to purchase One Piece: Pirate Warrior's 3 on midnight release. He bought every single copy so no one in the Frightside area could get it. Bert had to go visit the dreadful Spooner Street to fight Peter and his stand『D R U N K E N C L A M』(ドランケンクラム, Doranken Kuramu) to claim a copy.

In the "Final" battle, Peter shows up to give Hannah some advice. As he exited the scene, you could catch a glimpse of his wrist. He had an omnitrix. Although it's impossible for Peter to be the Omitrix wielder, as later on Groose is revealed to be the true user It's theorized that it was either a fake, or a different version of it.

He is the leader of the Hi taihō crew btw. I thought I'd shoe horn that into the plot. He likes fuzzy fruit a lot. he killed a baby once

Peter makes sounds that represent a majestic bird.

Pettra kill baby

Peter causally killing an infant to prove a point

Peter Griffen hates gays.
Copy of Family Guy Medieval Catapult

Copy of Family Guy Medieval Catapult

Peter represents the sound of a majestic bird.