Tommy dickles reborn by tommydickles-d8n9yqa
The Picklebaleno (lit. Rainpiss) is a group made up of World's Strongest "DeviantART Users" of an era, which

translates to "Total fucking losers", who each possess a pickle (Chris-chan's least favorite snack) that represent the different colors of the rainbow, with each color corresponding with their respective Dying Will Flames. Their Pickles will glow when a member is near another Picklebaleno. The Picklebaleno were transformed from adults into their infant and current forms in an event known as "The Fated Day" in a contracted job or a Representative Battle, for the purpose of harnessing the power of the Jimmies, which supports Degeneracy. Each of the current Picklebaleno has their own unique "curse" and specific abilities, as well as the ability to emit the Dying Will Flame throughout their entire body. They are mentioned to have taken on an Picklebaleno curse themselves in order to protect the Jimmies, or "ultimate power." The Picklebaleno are also mentioned to be "walking out of time", meaning that they cannot age or die due to old age, although the Sky Picklebaleno's curse is a short lifespan rather than the infant body, making the Sky Picklebaleno the only exception. Additionally, if one or more Picklebaleno dies, the Sky Picklebaleno, if still alive, can resurrect them by sacrificing his or her own life.

List of Known Picklebaleno


Tommy Dickles


Crispy Cheddar

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