Don pinstripelli potorotti by riadorana-d5e0uzs

After Don Pinstripelli Potorotti was killed by Jimmy, he wondered in The Ghost Zone for 2 years until he made his way to Snake Way. He eventually crossed ran Snake Way and returned back to earth after receiving training from Jimmy's Father, even stronger than before. He no longer goes by his original name, he prefers everyone calls him "Pinstripe Reborn.". He is 10 times as strong as he was before, he could single handedly take on both Bert and Katie at the same time. He defeated the two and escaped.

Despite completely embarrassing himself in front of Jimmy, Jimmy still accepted him as a crew member. He was later promoted to Warlord status after successfully stealing Bert's hat, just to prove a point.

He is the third strongest Warlord.


He lost his self righteous attitude and took a more serious "Mafia Leader" role. He no longer jokes around or relaxes. He is always working to make up for the humanity he had caused to Jimmy's name.



Previously, he could not use nen. But thanks to his new body he can. With is nen he can spawn an assortment of guns. He mostly uses guns for attacks.

Skilled Shooter

His new body gave him incredible eyesight and a steady hand. He can shoot a target from miles without the need of a scope.


He now has a group of over 100+ members that are specially trained in hand to hand combat and marksmanship.


Although he prefers to not use this ability, he can push his body even further as he gains speed and strength boosts from this ability when activated. He obtained it from training with Jimmy's Father. He can stack kaioken effects to give 3 times the payout, the downside he exhausts quicker with each stack.