The game's cover.

Pizzafucker Fighters DX: Millenium Edition is a tournament-based fighting game released for the PSVita and developed by the Neo Scary Godmother community. The game is centered around the members of the Pizza Party Podcast.

Playable Characters

Ken: Moveset

1) Shitpost (down, left, down, left, right, punch) : Ken eviscerates the corpse of his enemy by shitposting on the Scary Godmother wiki. This move is unblockable.

2) Overpowered Shield (right, right, left, left, down, kick) : Ken surrounds himself in a barrier that cannot be broken once it's put up. Basically, it's a crock of shit and makes him broken as all hell.

Pan Pizza: Moveset

1) Fuckers (down, right, down, right, left, punch) : Pan calls his opponent a 'fucker'. (Note: This does not affect Ken)

2) Toonami ads (right, right, left, left, down, kick) : Pan distracts his opponent by placing a lot of nostalgic toonami ads in the middle of the arena.

Nolan Jetstream: Moveset

1) Marathon Rocket Power (right, left, down, left, right, punch) : Nolan leaves the arena to watch Rocket Power, presumably for days on end. (Note: Using this move will result in a loss)

2) Shoobie Blaster (down, down, right, left, right, kick) : Nolan takes out an Uncle Tito rocket from his pants and proceeds to gun down shoobies.