Hank Hill (ハンク・ヒル, Hanku Hiru) was a shinobi of Propanegakure. Hank dreamed of bringing peace to the violent shinobi world. However, after the Third Shinobi Email War he adopted the alias, ProPein (プロペイン, PuroPein)


Hank lived with his parents: Cotton and Tilly on the outskirts of Propanegakure. When he was very young the Second Shinobi Email War broke out and Hank and his parents took shelter in their home to avoid the fighting going on around them. One day, two Emailgakure shinobi broke into their home looking for propane, Hank and his parents tried to sneak out unnoticed. When they were discovered, his parents attacked the shinobi so that Hank could escape. The Email ninja killed his parents in self-defence and, upon realising they were only civilians, tried apologising to Hank. Overcome with grief, Hank used his overwhelming hidden propane powers to incinerate them.

After burying his parents, Hank, now an orphan, was forced to leave home and begin wandering in search of propane and shelter. With resources scarce due to the ongoing war, no one he met would help him until Hank, who had collapsed from hunger, was found by Buck Strickland. Buck felt guilty over his participation in the war and offered to teach Hank how to look out for himself.

Buck trained the Hank for three years. Because of his propane generation abilities, Hank easily mastered everything he was taught. Once he was able to defeat one of his Email Clones in a fight, Buck decided Hank was ready to forge out on his own and he returned to Emailgakure, confident they would drain the swamp of the country. Hank formed an organisation he called Strickland Propane and began advocating an end to war. Their message proved popular and they gathered many followers. During the Third Shinobi Email War, he was approached by a disguised Hillary Uzumaki. Introducing herself as an ally, she offered to help him in his pursuits and show Hank how to unlock the full potential of his Propane Generation. Hank refused the offer, suspecting Hillary only meant to use him.

Later in the Forth Shinobi Email War Hank was executed by Hillary Uzumaki.

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