Queef Queef (QUEEFU - QUEEFU) is the main character in Scary Godmother 14: The Prophet's Birth. He is a chubby ginger pale boy who gets all the ladies. He is so sexy and makes all the girls shook. His first apperance was in the Scary Godmother movie where he dressed up as a revealing George Washington with a white anime wig and pink polka dotted panties. Queef is a Korean drama actor and is currently dating Jimmy.


In chapter 19 of Jimmy's Bizarre Adventure, Queef Queef shows up as a cameo. He reveals that Jimmy and him are pregnant and are having a baby together. Jimmy agrees and they run off into the sunlight with Jack Nicholson as their horse. Later, Hannah and Jack Nicholson decide to DDOS Queef for stealing her man. This is later a crucial event in Scary Godmother 19: The Shookening.

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