Raimundo Rotten
"Can I be Number 5?"





Raimundo Rotten is one of the three Rotten's hired by Robbie Rotten. He became a Transrotten after he was paid quite a grand fee.


Raimundo Rotten grew up in a small town. He was disgusted with how lively the town was becoming. He wanted a lazy life, free from all the noise and activity.

He met Robbie Rotten in an online chat room, Robbie noticed they had similar ideals on life. Raimundo was offered 20,000 Zenni to transform into an artificial rotten.


Raimundo is a quiet person who keeps to himself. He is willing to go along with Robbie and the other Rotten's plans. He has a fascination for one legged women in fishnet thigh highs. He craves these types of women so much, he uses photo shop to make the girl he likes favorable to his fetish.

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