The Red Soldier is an american hero who has only three goals in life, to kill Comunists, Nazis, and Hipes. His origin come from an unknown land called the "Badlands" made of gravel and sand. After being kicked of red team he later found Frightside by accident and confused it for russia, now his goal is to kill all the "Commies" and install Democracy. The Red Soldier is however a complete lunatic and will sadly never win due to the fact he is human with man-made weapons.


  • Rocket Launcher: His trusty Rocket Launcher is his favorite and can hold 4 missiles at a time and a wide blast radius.
  • Direct Hit: The Direct Hit is a large Rocket Launcher that has a small blast Radius but has enormous power.
  • Beggar’s Bazooka: The Beggar’s Bazooka is a trashed home made rocket launcher the hold no rocket until loaded, when load 3 can go in and all off the launch out however if he overloaded it will explode.
  • Shotgun: The Shotgun is a basic Shotgun that's used as a Back-up
  • Buff Banner: Carries a trumpet when played he becomes incredibly violent.
  • B.A.S.E Jumper: It's basically a parachute.
  • Shovel: A backup Melee Weapon.

Rocket Jumping

After finding the Gunboats which are metal shoes he later leared to rocket which alowst him to soar into the air like a bald eagle. However many times he can go to high and has nearly died numerous times.


  • He once fought Gordon Ramsay however lost in mere seconds.
  • He is Retarded.
  • He when on a Nazi killing spree after being rejected from fight in WW2.
  • His favorite book is "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu.
  • In the “Donald Duck Saga” he accidentally killed Hitler