Reika "Time Gal" Kirishima is a major character in Bench Squad Season 4. She wears a brown cap, a red vest, a white camisole, socks as gloves, a white and red skirt with brown lace, black boots and black and orange leg warmers.

Bench Squad Season 4

Reika is a police officer from the distant future, she has traveled to the past to stop Luda and prevent the futture to be ruined. She met up with Tails and the Bench Squad in the present time and helps them out on their quest. She's flirty, generally cheerful as she giggles and skips through danger, dolling out little quips occasionally and does some shrieks of panic when in distress. Known to most as "Time Gal", Reika is as careless as she is carefree, and tends to cause more problems than she solves.


  • She goes to school at the Two Tails University to get a major in science.

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