Rodni Rotten






Endless suffering, he wants to die.



Rodni Rotten is Robbie Rotten's retarded younger brother. He won't live long, so please be nice to him. He doesn't know what the difference between Red and Green. He escaped from Robbie's house after his baby sitter had a family emergency and had to leave. Thanks to AT&T's shitty service, Robbie didn't receive the text before it was too late. Lazy Town had to experience Rodni attempt to fit in. Robbie's true motive was revealed as they found out quickly, Rodni hate's loud noises and activities. He wanted to make Lazy Town lazy, for his sake.

He tried to stop them, but it was too Late. Stephanie in self deference, stabbed Rodni several times after he attempted to rape her.

Robbie now went into hiding after they tried to help him.

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