Ronald Rotten
Ronald Rotten
Ey I'm walkin' here







Ronald grew up in the heart of the Bronx, He enjoys having a beer and watching the game.

He got married to his bitch wife, who would often yell at him for not taking the trash out. He became a transrotten after watching a single episode of Lazy Town whilst flpping thorugh the channels looking for the game because his wife changed the channel, and later got divorced.

He then met Robbie at a transrotten rally, where his car wouldn't move through the snow and the game was almost on. Robbie put his spandex under the car wheel and got it to move, Ronald was so inspired he took on Robbie's appearance and helped him and the other rottens defeat sportacus.


Before becoming a transrotten, he wore a slighty greased-stained tank top and sweatpants. as a transrotten he wears clothes identical to Robbies.


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