"Once I eliminate the Austrians I'll die peacefully"




Sex God


No one but everyone

Saltydkdan is a youtuber who enjoys Anime and memes. He really hates the Austrians for an unknown reason but wishes to eliminate every single one.


Salty is a young Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. He sports a red long sleeved shirt and jeans. After his seventh invasion of Austria he received a scar on his right eye.

Youtube Channel

He runs a cool youtube channel.

  • Tangle Earbud Podcast
  • Fan Dubbing
  • Gaming Videos


He fucking hates those guys

Fuck Richie from Clown College


  • He's Black
  • He REALLY hates the Austrians
  • He mentioned Nsgm in his first podcast
  • As a young boy he grew up in a neighborhood filled with Austrians
  • One time in third grade he had gushers for a snack in class
  • He also has a Tumblr
  • His favorite League of Legends Character is "Tank" Dempsey
  • He fucked almost every woman in the Tri State Area

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