"Pokeball's are round, the world is also round! Win or lose Pokeball's remain round!"

Scary God Aunt (ジャイロ・ツェペリ) AKA Chex for saving time,

Chex Maniac is a master of the Toss, a knock off of a cool technique she learned from a manga. Applied to her plastic Pokemon collectors item. Chex joins the Plastic Spider Race for unknown reasons.

The Alt. Canon counter part to Scary God Mother


Chex is a woman of average height and athletic build, and over all average test scores, diet, and eye sight, Chex seems to be a jack of all trades, but a master at nothing. Do nothing remotely notable with her life. With redish(?) hair that extends to her back, blue/purple eyes with dark swirls and green lips.

Her usual outfit consists of a large purple hat with three holes on each side, green goggles, a dark red body suit and a cowl that she wears to make her self feel cool, and a satchel on her hip where she holds her Pokeball and also sometimes a knife.


First seeming as a caring person offering Hannah help in winning the Plastic Spider Run, it slowly becomes evident that this might be a means to some other motive. Becoming quick to temper when Hannah does stupid shit, cocky and quick to solve problems with aggressive means, or going to sex appeal to get what she wants. Exceedingly blunt Chex wont falter to tell off even her friends when the moment arises.


Toss: The Toss is a technique with an unknown Origin Chex is quick to say she made by her self, but it seems unlikely. Utilizing incredible speed and kinetic power through rapid vibration, Chex utilizes this for attack and defense in many ways.

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