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Hex pepe

Scary Godmother in her "hex" days.

Scary Godmother (Also known as Hex Maniac ) lives in the Fright Side with her "broommates" Skully PettiboneBug-a-boo, and Harry. Her

home is spooky, but tasteful and comfortably decorated and has a classic "Haunted House" theme, although the house really belongs to Bug-a-boo. She also has a cool doggo named "Jimjam". Ironic, giving the events of Jimmy.

She likes to beat up Harry because he's a stupid fucking neckbeard.

She also Trained the first generation of Team Urameshi.


Scary Godmother is usually very energetic, sweet, motherly, and welcoming. She loves having company over and throwing parties. However, she can be serious when it comes to chores (especially with Harry) and a tad rude when someone upsets her.  


Scary Godmother is a tall, skinny, pretty female witch. Her skin color is pale green. She is a redhead and has light blue-gray eyes. She has small purple-black bat wings on her back. She wears purple and green striped leggings underneath a low-cut, long-sleeved, short black dress that ends in a tutu, purple heels with curly toes, and a pointed witch's hat with a black brim, a green and purple striped tip from which a small black spider hangs from a strand of web. 

Scary Godmother can fly, both with her wings and on her broomstick, and has special powers. It has been revealed that she can transform the interior of her home for the Halloween party magically and she has the power to restrain people.

She changed into Hex Maniac after stupid


Hannah Urameshi: She has a very close relationship to Hannah, and comforts her often about Orson, the "Monsters", Jimmy, and his friends.

Skully Pettibone:broommate




She runs the Facebook page called "Hex Maniac".

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