The movie's title card.

Scary Godmother: Rise of IGPHHangout is the fourth theatrical movie in the Scary Godmother movie canon and centers around IGPHHangout's short-lived reign over Frightside, only to be dethroned by Tommy Dickles in the end.


After restoring the Scary Godmother Wiki to it's former glory, the Neo Scary Godmother committee informs Hannah and friends of the recent attack. However, their communication signal gets jammed, and are unable to establish contact with the Human World. With Jimmy and his forces annihilated, there could only be one culprit; IGPHHangout.

Scary Godmother explains to OTFree, Farley Sweet and Tommy Dickles (alongside their new recruit, Crispy Cheddar) that IGPHHangout is Frightside's oldest enemy and at one point, came very close to destroying Human World. Now, he must be sealed once more before he can cause havoc again.

It's a race against time, and "if iet's on th internet, anything goe"!

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