The movie's title card.

Scary Godmother: The Wiki Strikes Back is the third theatrical movie in the Scary Godmother movie canon and focuses on OTFree, Farley Sweet and Tommy Dickle's efforts to maintain the Scary Godmother Wiki after an onslaught of Jimmies cause mayhem.


After the defeat of Jimmy Brando at the end of Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy, Hannah and friends return to the Human World to rest after a hard battle. However, as our heroes sleep, something is a bump in the night. Jimmy is alive, having been resurrected by the Vile Vial, and has begun to gather an army across dimensions.

Meanwhile, back at Frightside, the Neo Scary Godmother committee proceeds to clean up the Scary Godmother wiki in order to accurately and methodically chronicle Hannah and friend's many adventures. After numerous days on investment, the leaders (OTFree, Farley Sweet and Tommy Dickles) obtain admin rights, further cementing their status of power.

Just then, Jimmy Brando sends his underlings to attack and defile their hard work. The Wiki's reputation is damaged, and it is up to our three titular characters to restore balance to the Wiki!

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