Scary Godsexuality refers to the gender identity that is unique amongst other gender identities. One can only be attracted to a Scary Godsexual if they, themselves are Scary Godsexual. This is because they share the same gender and sexual attraction with each other. Those who identify as such only take interest in others who are also associated with the community as a whole.

Scary Godsexuality is a pocket identification that is isolated from other identities, and as such, cannot merely be defined by terms such as 'female' or 'male', nor would it be politically correct to ascertain them under terms such as 'transexual' or 'asexual' among others. It is largely the broadening of one's gender in the interest of narrowing one's identity. Analytically, it is not wrong to say that Scary Godsexuality in essence, is a untigender-indentity, in that only those who call themselves such can seek companionship with others who share this identity.

Scary Godsexuality is speculated to have originated as recently as early 2015, although more empirical evidence and citations are required to confirm this.


After much deliberation, OTFree, Farley Sweet and Crispy Cheddar came to a reasonable compromise with one of the main admins over at "The Gender Wiki". Previously, the Scary Godsexual page fell under much scrutiny and criticism, to the point in which it was going to be removed for being a "nonsensical page".

However, after conducting peaceful negotiations, it was decided upon that the page would be removed and relocated to the page "Pocket Gender". And thus, Scary Godsexual henceforth, is recognized under the sub-category of "Pocket Gender".

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