Sex Hex Maniac (also known by the name "Ellen Degenurez") is a Facebook page that specializes in cotton candy content.

She frequently interacts with OTFree, Farley Sweet, Tommy Dickles amongst others.


Supposed Mental Illness

One characteristic Ellen often mentions on her page is that she is mildly autistic. Since the induction of her page, she is constantly being harassed and bullied for her mental illness. It is unknown whether or not her autism is genuine, or if it is a front in an elaborate effort to troll the community.

Cotton Candy

Ellen makes a habit out of shit-posting numerous images pertaining to cotton candy. It has since then become synonymous with her page's image.

The Color Pink

In addition to the constant abuse of cotton candy related content, Sex Hex Maniac always incorporates the color pink in almost all of her work.

Even her original character (which is merely a re-color of Hex Maniac from Pokemon) has pink hair, as opposed to purple.

Resemblance to Chie Satonaka

Ellen has on numerous occasions claimed to bare a striking resemblance to Chie Satonaka of Persona 4 fame. However, most are willing to point out that she doesn't look like Chie in the slightest, but rather, looks akin to Nyanners (a Youtube personality).

New Years Cotton Candy

Ellen puts Pink Cotton Candy on your doorstep every New Years. I would not recommend consuming it though...

Doflamingo Incident

Ellen shoved a Doflamingo (From the One Piece Series) figurine up her ass in a google hangouts call with Hex Maniac and Tommy. Shit was fucking scary. She had to be rushed to the hospital soon after.

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