Shakre Kanf
"Can you not? I'm LITERALLY shaking right now okay!?"


Can't. Mom won't let me run.


2 and a half


Spirit Tracks




90 pounds


Not anymore


Once upon a time.The universe got a lot scarier.

Muerte de Shakre: The Ultimate Betrayal

In 2017, Shakre had been undergoing some serious emotional mood swings to the point where she stopped taking her prescribed Flintstones vitamins, causing all of her emotions to bottled up. During the month of May, she participated in Fright Side's yearly Yu-Gi-Oh card game tournament hoping she could set her negative emotions aside, until she realized she brought her Magic the Gathering cards with her; Shakre then snapped into chaotic rage and proceeded to attack the duelist with her cards. Bystander Brendan Barney caught a glimpse of the scene through the window and rolled his way into the building to stop the massacre. Shakre attempted to flee, but not before Brendan Barney accidentally rolled on top of her, crushing nearly every bone in her body. Brendan hesitated on rolling back into them to deliver the final roll, Shakre uttered these words "Go on Brendan, Humor me.". Brendan then hit reverse on his scooter. The Fright Side police showed up minutes after with second aid kits (get it?) and escorted everyone out of the building safely. It was reported by one of the officers that Shakre muttered, "Ain't this ironic?" as her final words before being pronounced dead. The real question now is, do all shakres go to heaven? Find out next time on DRAGON BALL GEEEETEEEEEEE! (Spoilers, No.) I am making fun of you for being transsexual.


  • None silly billy, shes dead! Stop editing this dang page i tell ya hwat!
  • No.
  • Yes
  • Fine.
  • Not being able
  • Shut up.
  • I'm gonna take your ass to Wendy's
  • yeah I'm talking to myself
  • Fuck off
  • Running away
  • peeing pants but not changing
  • self inserting themselves
  • begging for free art
  • Sucking up to people if they want free finger paints
  • big wiener
  • it'll come off eventually
  • Ability to feign suicide (Similar to Alecks)
  • Stop n' Swap (It's like Stop n' Swap in Banjo Kazooie, but with genders).


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