Siegmeyer of Catarina
Siegmeyer of catarina
"Dang I got locked out..."



Siegmeyer of Catarina is one of NSGM's castle guards. This one time he was locked out of the castle and it really really sucked. But he wasn't angry about it. We all felt bad afterwards so we took him to Wendy's. He forced us to let him pay. He's too kind for us. He has a daughter named Sieglinde.


The kindest man you'll ever meet.


He submitted an online application to become a NSGM castle guard. Giving he was the only one to do so, Tommy just let him in. He bought Moppy a new bucket. He also bakes the best kind of gluten-free dairy-free gingerbread cookies.


  • VERY good at hide and seek
  • He gives blood regularly
  • He helps out at the local animal shelter 3 times a week
  • Hates swearing
  • Willing to help a friend out with any problem and won't stop until the problem is solved
  • Seems to dislike roaches but still treats them with kindness

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