Slugman Octavias is the cutest son'va gun in the group. Everyone wants to pet him.


He arrived in Frightside in the year 1990 in search for some fine anime titty, but was distracted by a trail of what ever land octopi eat. The trail let to a trap which was set by none other than the vile IGPHhangout, whom thought it was a squishy moving boob. Thankfully the cage he was "trapped" is was make out of paper mache so he used his octopus arms to snap it in half.

This angered IGPHhangout, which sent him on a fit of rage as he grabbed Slugman by the head and began to shake him violently. Thankfully Denly was walking down the street, looking for trouble. So he kicked his ass. Then he beat up IGPHhangout.

Slugman thanked Denly for his efforts and the minion bandaid. Denly brought him back to the NSGM castle. Tommy thought it was an alien and begged him to join. He casually accepted the Terms and Conditions of the NSGM contract. Spilled ketchup tried to kill him but Slugman made a funny noise, which make SK giggle. He was immediately welcomed to the crew.


What ever an octopus can do, but better.

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