Spurdo Spärde
"Fug :DDD"







Spurdo I Spärde is the High Chief of Karelia and founder of the Assburgers Dynasty.

Early Life

Spurdo was born in the province of Karelia. In that time, the people of Finland were living in Tribal societies. Like all Finnish people, Spurdo possessed a great intellect but little to no social skills. Due to his frequent consumption of Battery brand energy drinks combined with his autism, he exhibited great passion and creativity. Upon his ascension to High Chief of Karelia, he made it his life's ambition to become King of Finland.

Unification of Finland

Spurdo immediately vassalized the nearby counties of Käkisalmi and Savo. The provinces of Uusimaa, Suomi, Tavastia, and Satakunta refused but swiftly fell to Spurdo's might. Near the end of the war, Spurdo suffered a great blow to the head and was paralyzed for the rest of his life, leaving his fiefdom in the hands of his son Soini.

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