"Daddy, no..."


Stefan grew up in an Irish construction camp; he learned how to mix concrete and lay bricks before he even learnt how to talk. Stefan's reticent father was akin to a god to him, despite spending the days in a drunken haze while imposing strict conditions on the boy--beating him at the slightest annoyance or impulse. After returning from work, Stefan was forced to stay on the top bunk of his bed and denied access to the outside world, except for when he needed to use the communal washroom during the daytime. He was not allowed to leave his house after 9 PM. Stefan's father hammered into him the mantra, "Don't ever make trouble for anyone!"--words Stefan always treasured. Even a midst the abuse Stefan constantly suffered, the boy always respected his father and believed, he truly loved him. There were two reasons for Stefan's faith: first one was the belief that his father took care of him after nearly dying from an illness at the age of five. The second was that his father never once told him to leave; both made Stefan proud. Stefan's father beaten Stefan so badly when he was a kid However, at the age of twelve, Stefan snaps when another boy makes fun of his father. Outraged, Stefan attacked the boy and was badly beaten. Thereafter, the boy revealed that Stefan's father never took care of him when he was sick--it was the old neighbor next door instead. His father had been getting hammered, as usual. Stefan`s father then walked past the two, looked the other way, and walked away from the scene. Stefan then understood that his life is insignificant to the universe as a whole: he was no one. Shortly afterwards, Stefan took a hammer, smashed his drunken father's skull, took all of his money, and left the camp. Nine years later, Stefan formed Freedomain Radio, which was established into a nation in another nine years.

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