Stone Gun

An ancient artifact crafted eons before any sentient beings, the Stone Gun first met its way into the NSGM canon when Doc Louis From Punch Out gave the weapon to the Last Glamazon, Jerry Jolk, in order to kill Sharke Kanf in her blood prison. How ever due to dying of a cold moments later, the gun would remain dormant for many centuries in the lost ruins of the Glamazonians.

It would only be uncovered by one of Jimmy Brando's minions, and used to help achieve his standu, The World. Some time after Part 3: Sugar Skull Crusaders, the gun would be stolen borrowed by President Comical Christmas from the Fright Side treasury, and would be used by him to make a small personal militia of Stand Users, such as:

Jimo Brando, Farley Sweepstakes (twice).

Abilities: Though the gun can give you OP powers, it also can insta-kill, so you know. 50/50%.

Also Spilled Ketchup had it for a bit but lost it when he bought a metric ton of Big Mozzes.

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