Sucy Mandurgenburgen









Sucy Monchesterjester was once a powerful witch who rivaled Scary Godmother for her role as... Scary Godmother. She was immediately disqualified after the judges discovered that she was responsible for most of Japan's infamous war crimes in World War II.

Early Life

She pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch at the ripe legal age of 15. Like a fucking retard, she broke it by attaching one of the cables or whatever on the wrong side of they joycon thingy. The screen flashed a bright purple and prevented her from aging for some reason. This happened probably around like 1891 before World War II (I failed basic World History).


Sucy Mancrabberpooper playing with the shitty console before it fucked her up (circa 1891 or something).

Now developing a great hatred towards Nintendrones, she vowed to destroy all Nintenbabbies by throwing plague-infested bullshit at them. This led her to Emperor Hirohito of Japan, where she asked him if he wanted to infest some retards in America. Hirohito was all like "yeah nigga let's get Hitler in on this." This kick-started World War II.

Involvements in WWII

War crimes

Sucy Mandabblescheizer and torture fanatic Shirō Ishii.

Hirohito promoted Sucy Manpooperscooper to the title of Japanese army medical officer, microbiologist and the director of Unit 731 (a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army involved in forced and frequently lethal human experimentation during the Second Shino-Japanese War) along with huge masochist and big fat meanie Surgeon General Shirō Ishii.

She had a lot of fun blowing up people's houses and throwing plague-infested rats at prisoners of war. She was also apparently responsible for being traitorous towards her country; she called FDR on the phone and directed him to drop the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki rather than Tokyo, as she knew that some huge fucking faggot who played Nintendo games lived there.

"Nagasaki" also kind of sounded like "Nagisa," a character from a show she kind of didn't like.